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Mamagotcha's journal

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31 May 1963
Mother of four homeborn, homeschooled, fabulous kids. Partner to my brilliant, baking, genetics-professor husband. Grateful possessor of two clever hands that have learned juggling, beadwork, braiding, drumming... and are now busy knitting.
acapella, alice munro, amélie, anne lamott, atheism, bacon, barenaked ladies, beatles, ben folds, berkeley breathed, bisexuality, bittersweet chocolate, black and rainbow, board games, books, bookstores, brainchild, breastfeeding, butter, callahan's crosstime saloon, calvin and hobbes, candles, celtic knotwork, chicago, chocolate, cirque du soleil, conversation, cooking, cooking for friends, crosswords, cryptic crosswords, cuddling, dark chocolate, dining, eddie izzard, editing, erotica, espresso, essays, families of choice, family, firefly, fresh food, gaming, gardening, garlic, geeks, get fuzzy, ginger, glitter, hair braiding, hayao miyazaki, homebirth, homeschooling, hot chocolate, ija, indian food, intelligence, jean-pierre jeunet, jon carroll, journalism, joy, juggling, knitting, large comfy beds, lavender, letter-writing, lord of the rings, m.f.k. fisher, massage, mdc, midwifery, mochas, mothering, movies, moxy fruvous, my neighbor totoro, national puzzlers league, neil gaiman, new circus, nia, non traditional parenting, npl, old houses, otters, pacific northwest, parenting, passion, penn & teller, people watching, polyamory, popcorn, power exchange, pro-choice, pronoia, puns, purple, pushing tin, puzzles, queer, queers, rainbows, reading, responsible non-monogamy, restaurants, road trips, san francisco, savage love, scharffenberger, scrabble, seattle, sensuality, shiny things, singing, stained glass, sun magazine, sushi, taiko, tattoos, terry pratchett, thai food, the princess bride, they might be giants, thrift stores, thunderstorms, tmbg, traffic hell, unscented candles, unschooling, used bookstores, velvet, wiscon, word games, word puzzles, wordplay, writing, xkcd, yarn, yoga

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